About AidWatch

Since 2005, CONCORD’s AidWatch report has monitored and made recommendations on the quantity and quality of aid provided by the EU and its Member States.

With the AidWatch publications, CONCORD members want to hold EU leaders accountable for their commitments to dedicate 0.7% of their Gross National Income to development cooperation and to use this aid in a genuine and effective way.

The AidWatch initiative carries out ongoing advocacy, research, media activities and campaigns on a wide range of aid-related issues throughout the year.


CONCORD is the European Confederation of NGOs working on sustainable development and international cooperation. We envision equal, just and inclusive societies in a sustainable world.

We are the main interlocutor with the EU Institutions on international cooperation policy. We influence and challenge EU decision-makers, fostering a vibrant civil society and forging synergies and alliances across the world so as to transform systems and power structures and build equitable and inclusive societies in a sustainable world.

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